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Frequently Asked Questions

Which lights will the R5/FCX tools reset?
The R5/FCX scan tools will reset the check engine, service engine soon, oil service, inspection and maintenance mileage indicator lights; it can often reset other lights by association. What that means is there are other systems in the car that check the health of the main ECU (also called a DME), if the DME's have a problem then the light for the other system also comes on. For instance the automatic transmission light will come on when there is a sudden fault in the DME. Resetting the faults in the DME, which also reset the engine light, will bring the DME back to normal status and all systems monitoring it. The R5/FCX tools will not reset your brake lining light, ABS brake light or the SRS airbag light. We carry the R5/SRS tool for resetting your airbag light.

What is the difference in a Peake R5/FCX and a generic OBD II type tool?
The R5/FCX is not an OBD II device, it is a BMW specific factory-code scanner. Meaning, it reads the full range of detailed BMW factory codes (which are the same codes the dealer has access to.) In contrast, OBD II tools use a government-mandated, generic code language, and do not read any BMW factory codes. OBD II is not inherently bad, but for BMWs and other European makes, OBD II tools suffer significant limitations. The two most common complaints about OBD II are (1.) "unknown code" messages, or misleading codes that prompt unnecessary replacement of perfectly good engine components, (2.) a OBD II device would not reset the service reminder lights.

The R5/FCX resets the BMW oil service and inspection maintenance reminder lights. OBD II tools absolutely will not reset those, as they are manufacturer specific, not generic. Also, if your BMW is a 1995 model or earlier, you will require the R5/FCX II. As OBD II devices are simply not compatible with BMWs of that era.

What tool should I use for my year/model BMW?
We created easy to understand compatibility pages that list all the year/model BMW's for each tool. If your looking for a tool that will scan and reset your check engine light, service engine soon light, oil service - inspection lights & service mileage please visit our FCX Compatibility Page. If your looking for a tool that will scan and reset your SRS airbag light please visit our SRS Compatibility Page.
How do I know what the error codes mean?
We supply a code definition book with each R5/FCX II, R5/SRS and R5/EMX. These products have a small, two-digit display screen that displays the fault codes (example: tool shows "F6", simply look up "F6" in the user manual to see the meaning of the code.)
What is the difference between the R5B and the R5/FCX II?
The R5B only resets the service reminder lights known as oil service and inspection lights. The R5/FCX is much more capable. Of course it will reset the oil service and inspection Lights, but its main strength is its ability to read and display all engine codes, and reset the "Check Engine" and "Service Engine Soon" lights. Visit our Product Info Center for information regarding each product.
Should I buy the R5B oil service tool or the R5/FCX II engine scan tool?
Most people who order the low cost oil service reset tool end up buying the R5/FCX II later. Why? Because check engine lights (also known as the MIL or "service engine soon" light) are simply unavoidable in BMWs. Unless you have the R5/FCX II you are put in the position of relying on or paying a repair shop or local BMW dealer to read the codes, but usually at a cost of about $100, which is the price difference between the R5B oil service tool and the R5/FCX II. Sometimes you find out that the MIL was on for nothing more than a loose gas cap. But, when faced with a large, hard to understand repair bill and overly technical explanation, it becomes clear that the extra money for the R5/FCX II would have been money well spent. Scan tools are popular for a good reason. People who think that code scanning is too technical have not tried the R5/FCX II, using one compares in difficulty to checking your oil or putting gas in you car! And for the shop techs reading this, you probably already know that if you cannot read a customers error codes, they will be forced into your competitor's shop.
How much will shipping cost?
It’s absolutely FREE! All US orders are shipped free of charge and include insurance and a delivery confirmation number.
How soon are items shipped after placing an order?
We ship all orders the same day or within 24hrs. All shipments will arrive at your doorstep within 1-3 business days.
Are these products always in stock?
Yes! All products on this website are guaranteed to always be in stock. We believe high levels of customer service cannot always be reached while drop shipping orders. Shipping orders directly from our business eliminates the “middle man” and insures you will receive the exact item you ordered lightning fast.
Are these BMW reset tools easy to use?
Yes! These tools are just as easy to use as putting gas in your car. You simply plug in the tool, it displays the error codes stored in your system, use the code book/user manual we provide to look up what the codes mean, then reset the error codes which will turn off the error lights on your dash. The entire process takes under a minute. We know, it sounds to good to be true, but it is.
Why are there 3 different R5/FCX tools and 3 different R5/SRS tools?
All three R5/FCX tools are identical and perform the same functions. The only difference between them are the year BMW's each specific tool covers. Certain year BMW's require different connections. The same applies to the R5/SRS tools. View our FCX Compatibility Page and our SRS Compatibility Page to find out which tool is right for you.
Are these Peake R5 reset tools a well-recognized brand name?
The high quality and low cost of the Peake R5 reset tools have gained them recognition from all of the leading service manual publishers. The R5 tools are shown in use in the Robert Bentley service manuals. Many BMW dealerships use these products and refer customers to us.
Does my BMW have service indicator lights?
The service lights were introduced in 1982 on the German models. They were fully integrated into the US models by 1984. If your BMW was built 1984 or later, it has service indicator lights.
Do we carry reset tools for other cars, like Volvo or Mercedes?
BMW and the late model Mini Cooper are our specialty. At this time we do not offer any products capable of resetting other vehicles.
Do these bmw reset tools need batteries or other special parts that wear out?
No. These tools have no replaceable parts or batteries. They get there power from the cars electrical system as soon as it’s plugged in.
Can these bmw reset tools damage my car?
No. Unlike low quality reset tools, these products are made to fit into only one spot in your engine compartment. They cannot be plugged into the wrong place and cannot be plugged in wrong. To further guarantee proper and safe operation each and every unit is tested. Every unit produced since 1989 has been fully tested prior to shipping.
What lights will the R5B reset?
The R5B reset tool will reset the oil service and inspection service reminder lights. It will also reset the green, red and yellow "countdown" LED lights on your dash.
Is it safe/secure to use my credit card while ordering from this website?
Yes. Order information (name, address, phone numbers) and financial information (credit card numbers) is encrypted using industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.
I lost my code book/user manual, can I get a replacement?
Yes! If you purchased a reset tool from us please email us for instructions on how to get a replacement manual. Proof of purchase is required.

Note: If your question was not answered on this page please contact us.