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Mercedes W204 W212 Sprint Booster

Sprint Booster Mercedes C Class (W204) C300 C350 C63
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What can a Sprint Booster do for me? Most 2000-up model cars no longer use the conventional throttle cable and have replaced it with an ECM (Electronic Control Module) designed to translate how hard the pedal is pushed into an electronic instruction to provide power to the wheels.

The ETC (Electronic Throttle Control), otherwise known as "Drive-By-Wire", causes a delayed response and subdues acceleration, creating problems in situations such as quick gear changes, pulling into traffic, passing other vehicles and up-hill starts.

The Sprint Booster Power Converter eliminates this delayed throttle response and provides immediate on-tap acceleration whenever the driver demands it! Most cars have a 1 second lag between when the pedal is pushed and the car actually responds. The Sprint Booster corrects this problem instantly giving you all your vehicles power with no hesitation. Give your vehicle a Throttle Boost!
  • Provides Instant Acceleration
  • Eliminates Drive-By-Wire Throttle Delay
  • Awarded "Best New Product" at SEMA
  • Switch Between Factory, Sport & Race
  • All the Power - No Hesitation
  • Easy Plug-n-Play Installation
  • Only Takes Minutes to Install
  • Easier Passing, Quicker Shifting
  • Makes Driving Fun Again!
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