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BMW E46 AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Kit

BMW E46 AutoCarbon Carbon Fiber Interior Trim Kit - Coupe, Sedan, M3
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Our BMW E46 real carbon fiber interior overlay trim kits are an excellent addition to your BMW, giving it the sporty look that only real high quality carbon fiber can.

These AutoCarbon trim kits are different from all others on the market. These parts are made by true carbon fiber craftsmen and are made from only top quality materials using the newest DRY CARBON technology. Dry carbon technology creates very consistent weave on these parts and allows for an extremely thin part. This technology combined with professional clear coating, free of drips or blobs creates a perfect looking kit every time. These overlays fit precisely over the existing trims, and are attached using adhesive tape. The CF quality of these parts is incredible, and you will be surely pleased. All parts are easily removable if required.

Our interior trim kits overlay all of the wood, aluminum or plastic style trim that your BMW E46 came with (number of pieces varies depending on vehicle type.) E46 Coupe (8pcs), E46 Sedan (8pcs) & E46 Convertible (6pcs).

NOTE: We chose to offer our customers overlay trims as opposed to full trim replacement kits for a couple of reasons. First, the cost of an overlay kit is much lower for our customers than full replacement kits. Second, full replacement trim kits use fiberglass to replicate the OEM trims, onto which a layer of carbon fiber is added for visual effect. Given the production process required to create this fiberglass base, maintaining the tolerances found in OEM plastic trims is not possible, not only that, but the added thickness of the fiberglass base on full replacement kits makes the panels not sit together flush at the points where they meet / overlap. Finally, the fiberglass base of the trim panels are not as strong as the factory plastic bases. On load bearing panels, such as armrests and door handles; over time, the underlying fiberglass will eventually weaken and crack, making the pieces fall off!

Please note that due to the curvature of some of these parts and the nature of carbon fiber, it is very difficult to produce these products in carbon fiber. While there are not seams, tears, blotches, folds, bumps, gaps or twisting of the carbon material on these parts (as we have seen with imitation kits), there is an unavoidable change in pattern density in the carbon in the edges or strong curves. This is still a natural look for carbon, and is not a defect. Returns are not available for this reason.

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